PRESS STATEMENT: UJOSS Demands Habeas Corpus Of Alfred Angasi Dominic


 UJOSS Demands Habeas Corpus Of Alfred Angasi Dominic

The Union of Journalists of South Sudan is concerned of the continuous detention of journalist Alfred Angasi Dominic.

Angasi, who works at South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation as a Newsreader was first arrested on July 2nd for not reading news contents which included President Salva Kiir’s decrees announcing members of the Council of State.

He was released on July 4th but again rearrested on July 5th and to date he is under detention. The issue should have been an internal administrative one at SSBC but by virtue of it being handled at the level of the National Security Services shows an overlap of authority.

UJOSS demands Angasi be produced before the court of law if he is a suspect of any crime. UJOSS will continue to work to ensure journalists get a good climate to operate in. it will also work with other agencies, including the National Security Services to ensure mutual understanding for the development of South Sudan.



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