’90 percent of Unity State under water’

Sheila Ponnie

The Unity State government has said 90 percent of the state has been affected by the floods.

One area said to be the most affected is Panyier, which has been waterlogged for the last two years.

“We are unable to access Panyjier, we even have non-food items that we would like to transport to them but we [are] not able to reach the place,” said Unity State Governor Lt. Gen Joseph Wejang Monytuil.

The governor revealed that Mayendit, Leer, Kon, Kuch, Mayom, Panyjier, and Gwuit are some of the affected areas.

 “90 percent of the state is affected with floods, most people have been displaced, cattle keepers have lost their animals during their journey moving away from the areas that are flooded,” he lamented.

Unity State Governor was speaking to the media in Bentiu during the tour of 8.5-kilometre dike construction on Monday.

“Most of the people displaced have moved away from the flooded areas to a higher land area where they are currently settled in Bentiu town although other people have been cut off,’’ he revealed.

He added: “Other people are cut out their due to the floods and some roads are blocked by the water; we are not even able to go to where they are and they are not able to cross over.’’

Apart from being marooned by the waters, the Internally Displaced Persons are also lacking medicine, shelter, food, and clean water to drink.

“There is a need for humanitarian intervention,” the governor said.

The Deputy Governor of Unity State Tor Tunguar Kueyguong confirmed the same problem saying “The floods have almost taken over Bentiu—the capital of the state—all the six counties have been taken over by the water’’.

Kueyguon expressed fears that the water is moving so fast and could displace the governor from his residence and office too.

He revealed that the best solution would be building the dykes.

“The floods have totally destroyed the entire state. No one has crops… and all the internally displaced persons came without food all their crops are in the water,” he said.

90 percent of Unity State under water’

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