UJOSS, UN organize media and security sector workshop in Juba to boost relationship with security organs

By Tapeng Michael Ohure

The Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) in collaboration with United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and UNESCO on Thursday organized a two-day media and security sector workshop to improve working relationship between journalists and members of organized forces in the country. The workshop was opened by South Sudan’s Commissioner for Access to Information Moyiga Nduru.

While opening the workshop in Juba earlier today, the Commissioner for Access to Information Commission Mr. Moyiga Nduru said security personnel should work together with the media to allow free flow of information.

Moyiga said journalists and security personnel have almost a similar role to play as they all record and deal with public information, hence both must work symbiotically.

“Journalists carry cameras and the security personnel carry the gun but all of them carry the pen ” he said.

While Ben Dotsei Malor, UNMISS Head of Communication said the work of journalists is crucial in telling the story of members of the security sector.

“The security sector needs media personnel to tell their story, to document the work they do, to report the sacrifices that soldiers of this nation made to die in the fields for sake of all of us or the sacrifices the police made,” stated Malor.

Adding, “Journalists or media people are not criminals; journalism or media work is not a crime at all. Journalists should have a freedom guided by the responsibility and ethics of their profession to serve the people of South Sudan, then do their job without fear, threats and ,” Ben added.

UJOSS Secretary General Majak Daniel Kuany said the workshop is meant to create harmony among journalists and members of organized forces in South Sudan.

“This is a very crucial activity that we are having with UNMISS and UNESCO for us to be able to bring all the key security partners together with journalists for them to be able to have a platform that they will be able to have harmonious relationship,” he said.

About 4o participants were present at the workshop including the Undersecretary at the national ministry of information, SSPDF Spokesperson Major General Lul Ruai Koang, the Deputy Police Spokesperson Brigadier General James Dak, UNMISS Head of Communication Ben Dotsei Malor, UNESCO Country Representative Julius Banda, South Sudan member of parliament Honorable Mark Nyipoch, Professor Chaplain Kara, UJOSS representatives, journalists, members of organized forces and the UN police and security personnel.

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