UJOSS, USAID train 26 journalists on food security and resilience reporting

Participants pictured during a three day workshop on food Security and social resilience reporting organized by UJOSS in partnership with USAID. Photo: Tapeng Michael Ohure/UJOSS Communications Officer

By Tapeng Michael Ohure

The Union of Journalists of South Sudan in partnership with USAID Resilience through Agriculture in South Sudan – RASS Activity have on Wednesday launched a three-day workshop for 26 journalists on food security and resilience reporting. The participants include 13 journalists from the states and 13 Juba base journalists. The training aims to enhance media coverage on various gaps in agriculture as well as on issues surrounding food security.

Speaking during the opening of the workshop in Juba on Wednesday, RASS Deputy Chief of Party Kepa Dima said the training will improve reporting agricultural projects and gaps across the country.

 “We came up with the idea of having this forum where we could have journalists come together and learn for a purpose, learning for objectives of being able to voice positive stories that come from our work,” Dima said.

Adding, “We are working across the states, in different areas in Eastern Equatoria, Jonglei, Western Barh El Gazel, Upper Nile, Unity and other states,”.

“We know you are already professionals in your field, but such kinds of interactions can sharpen our skills in terms of how we can deliver in our work,”.

Majak Daniel Kuany UJOSS Secretary General said, “I wish you to have an open mind, kindly have an open mind for this training, don’t restrict yourselves and you will be able to get enough information that will enable you to impart change,” he said.

The workshop is organized under the Theme: Voices of change.

USAID Resilience through Agriculture in South Sudan (RASS) operates in 13 counties in 7 states in South Sudan; Eastern Equatoria, Upper Nile, Jonglei, Western Barh El Gazel, Western Equatoria, Unity, and Pibor .

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